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90s Fashion Trends

90s Fashion Trends

As a child of the 90s, I had the firsthand experience of growing up with all the best and worst of 90s fashion. From Geri Halliwell's 1997 Union Jack dress, to Madonna's 1990 cone bra, the 1990s saw a huge diversity in fashion. Popular culture played a very influential role in this decade - Jennifer Aniston's haircut as Rachel on 'Friends' saw a dramatic increase in popularity, with thousands of women flocking to the hairdressers to get Rachel's layered 'do. 90s hip-hop also increased the popularity of baggy, colorful clothes - teamed with high-tops - and the cult followers of Sex and the City were desperate to emulate their NYC idols with popular designer labels. Here are some of the most memorable relics of 90s fashion - I for one am glad that skorts are no longer in vogue!

Jelly shoes

Jellies were a staple of any 90s wardrobe - plastic, colorful and sometimes sparkly sandals that withstood rain or shine. These have in fact begun to make a reappearance recently, so getting your hands on some should be easy, should you wish to relieve your youth.

Slap Bracelets

At first appearing to be a long, straight length of material, slap bracelets provided hours of entertainment - with a short, sharp whack to the wrist, they bended round in a bracelet form - the ultimate 90s accessory.


Is it a skirt? Is it a pair of shorts? It is essentially a pair of shorts with a layer of fabric over the front.


This Californian-based company had a worldwide following in the 90s, inspired by the grunge trend of the decade.

Combat Boots

Again part of the classic 1990s grunge look, combat books - teamed with ripped jeans - were rocked by both men and women.

Wallet Chains

In the 1990s, it was compulsory that your wallet be attached to your jeans with a long, hefty silver chain. At least it made pickpocketing more difficult.

Mood Rings

Like having a little piece of magic on your finger, mood rings promised to sense whether the wearer was angry, sad, loved-up...you name it. Even though their powers of deduction may have been dubious, they nevertheless were a cool accessory.

Denim Overalls

Very popular amongst 90s teens, denim overalls, were made popular through bands such as NSYNC. If you were really edgy, you would wear your overalls with one strap hanging down over your shoulder.

Platform shoes

Platform shoes in the nineties reached terrifying heights. Incidentally, Geri Halliwell's Union Jack dress was worn with a pair of shiny red platforms, a trendy way of adding inches to your height (though you ran the risk of breaking your back).